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Premium Website Design & Hosting

Premium Website (We now have only one package for website development and hosting)
  • Domain: 13 to 16 USD
  • Designing and Hosting:  416 US Dollars for the first year then, 278 Dollars for the following years.

Extra Functionality and Options

    • Reliable support
    • Starter SEO pack to boost your website growth
  • Unlimited updates
  • Extra homepage sections options, including section title, description, layout, columns, number of items.
  • Extra homepage widgetized area for categorized products with the ability to add an unlimited number of widgets.
  • Additional widgets for slider/hero images, categorized products, and USP (Unique Selling Points) information with icon/image selector.
  • Extra footer column widget areas with 16 different layout options.

Transfer Your Site

We help transfer your website and domain name swiftly and with ease.

Why Host with PK Graphic Store

  • Site Speed.

We guarantee Site Speed. Several seconds of waiting decrease customer satisfaction and therefore are less likely to remain or to return to your site. Get your Page Speed score. A fast website is a higher ranked website leading to more visitors and more time on page.

  • Site Protection

Website security today is critical to the overall success of a website. Comment Spam, Back Office Hacking (passwords), and Website Load Speeds. These are the three ways hackers look to wreak havoc on your business and we protect you from all of these.

  • SEO ready

A site can have the best content and the best design you could think of but as long as they aren’t properly setup for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to find them, you won’t receive any visitor to your site.

So at PK Graphics Store we understand we prepare you website so that it can be found in search engines thus adding value to your online asset.

  • Site Comments

More engagement leads to better rankings in search engines. Engagement leads to trust. Trust leads to conversions. Conversions lead to income. This demonstrates you have nothing to hide and want to be familiar with your users’ views so you can improve your trade to better serve their needs.

  • Site SL – Free SSL certificates (Website Encryption)

Websites with SSL installed on them enjoy improve search engine rankings much better than those without and better yet, they give added protection to their users thus gaining more trust and credibility while preventing website hacking.

  • Excellent uptime

When you website is launched, you would want it to be running full-time without any technical issues that could easily ruin audience’s trust so we guarantee up to 99% uptime meaning there won’t be moments when you website will be offline.

  • Enough storage space

Sites with less storage can reach a time when they can’t handle the traffic load they have gained over time so we give you up to 30GB of storage space for your site with full access to it’s root directory if you opt for it.

This can help you handle even up to 500,000 users per month without any traffic load issues which clearly is something that we ant our clients to be relieved of so they can concentrate on growing their business.

  • Unlimited custom domain emails

As you grow your business, we understand that you’ll want to scale as your business grows and that includes your communications with clients, employees, and other stakeholders so we provide you with the ability to create unlimited emails accounts to suit your business needs.

These emails are hosted on a secure server so you can be assured that the mails you send to your customers won’t end up in junk or spam.

Sample  Websites Designed by  PK Graphic Store

Promotional Materials

By pk graphic store… ask for a quote

PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS (Calendars, Banners, Stickers & Flyers)

Marketing is about relationships; you are telling the world what makes you different and of value to them so they can support you. Several Promotional materials can be used in a number of ways to strengthen that bond and close the gap. Below are top exposure marketing tools we offer to craft and strengthen connections.

Calendars: Make Your Order

Promotional Calendars:

  • Promotional calendars are an inexpensive, simple, and effective way to create brand recognition among clients.
  • In contrast with newspaper adverts that commonly get seen once and then recycled, on a daily basis, Calendar advertising is a reminder of your business’ existence. A calendar situated in a home or office, for example, will not be seen by only the calendar recipient but rather will be viewed by everyone else who comes to that locality.
  • Apart from the persuasive, inspirational photos and topics that help prospective clients to stay optimistic and up to date about your business, your contact information printed on a calendar where potential clients can easily glance and contact you is very effective in Promotional calendars.


Banners for your events and workshops: Make Your Order

Stickers (Vynil, One-way vision, Clear sticker, Frost etc),

  • Stickers are often distributed for promotional events and campaigns. They can strengthen communities and create awareness of a particular message.
  • They are also an economical way to brand products, shop or company (beauty parlor, saloons, bank etc) package, signage, and service equipment.
  • Excellent stickers are more effective than other promotional mediums (business cards, brochures, flyers, etc.) since they have to stick somewhere where (against a wall, a car, fridge, a signpost in case of a sticker banner etc) they are exposed to the public. Like promotional Calendars, they are harder to throw away immediately and can engage and reach quite a good number of people on a daily basis as a reminder of your business’ existence and message.
  • Promotional stickers can also become profitable products themselves i.e. in form of a brand name, slogan or image can become a sticky product value that people wanting to show it off, are willing to pay for it.
Promotional Stickers: Make Your order
Boutique Branding: Make Your Order
To create awareness sticker: Make Your Order
Make Your Order of sticker poster.
Car Stickers: Make Your Order

Flyers (Also Brochures May Apply)

  • Like Stickers, Flyers are a low-cost medium of mass marketing or communication and comes in different sizes.
  • Flyers can be used to advertise an event such as a music concert, persuade people about a social gathering or event.
  • They can also be used to promote a product or a business such as a beauty parlor, a car business, a school, etc.

Flyers are distributed on the street, at events, house to house, posted on bulletin boards, put under windshield wipers of cars. Bulletin boards are found on college campuses, in cafés, community meeting houses, Laundromats and small markets.

PK Graphics Store, however, emphasizes proper planning and design to ensure her clients get the most out of marketing through these promotional tools. PK Graphics Store is interested in suitable designs that qualify to be the perfect marketing tool meeting virtually all of your business promotional needs.

Brochure: Make Your Order
Flyers: Make Your Order

Screen Printing

Logos & Words Screen Print: Make Your Order
words Only Screen Print: Make Your Order

For a project request or questions, you can always go to contact us.