Marketing is about relationships; you are telling the world what makes you different and of value to them so they can support you. Several Promotional materials can be used in a number of ways to strengthen that bond and close the gap. Below are top exposure marketing tools we offer to craft and strengthen connections.

Promotional Calendars:

  • Promotional calendars are an inexpensive, simple, and effective way to create brand recognition among clients.
  • In contrast with newspaper adverts that commonly get seen once and then recycled, on a daily basis, Calendar advertising is a reminder of your business’ existence. A calendar situated in a home or office, for example, will not be seen by only the calendar recipient but rather will be viewed by everyone else who comes to that locality.
  • Apart from the persuasive, inspirational photos and topics that help prospective clients to stay optimistic and up to date about your business, your contact information printed on a calendar where potential clients can easily glance and contact you is very effective in Promotional calendars.

Please view samples below (artwork) and choose to advertise with us 2019 promotional calendars for your Organisation or company.


Stickers (Vynil, One-way vision, Clear sticker, Frost etc)

  • Stickers are often distributed for promotional events and campaigns. They can strengthen communities and create awareness of a particular message.
  • They are also an economical way to brand products, shop or company (beauty parlor, saloons, bank etc) package, signage, and service equipment.
  • Excellent stickers are more effective than other promotional mediums (business cards, brochures, flyers, etc.) since they have to stick somewhere where (against a wall, a car, fridge, a signpost in case of a sticker banner etc) they are exposed to the public. Like promotional Calendars, they are harder to throw away immediately and can engage and reach quite a good number of people on a daily basis as a reminder of your business’ existence and message.
  • Promotional stickers can also become profitable products themselves i.e. in form of a brand name, slogan or image can become a sticky product value that people wanting to show it off, are willing to pay for it.


  • Like Stickers, Flyers are a low-cost medium of mass marketing or communication and comes in different sizes.
  • Flyers can be used to advertise an event such as a music concert, persuade people about a social gathering or event.
  • They can also be used to promote a product or a business such as a beauty parlor, a car business, a school, etc.

Flyers are distributed on the street, at events, house to house, posted on bulletin boards, put under windshield wipers of cars. Bulletin boards are found on college campuses, in cafés, community meeting houses, Laundromats and small markets.

PK Graphics Store, however, emphasizes proper planning and design to ensure her clients get the most out of marketing through these promotional tools. PK Graphics Store is interested in suitable designs that qualify to be the perfect marketing tool meeting virtually all of your business promotional needs.

view sample artwork below

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